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Monday, 5 September 2011

be high and lifted up

it's a new beginning. 

summer's now ended and blimey has it gone fast, recently I've been reflecting on what God has taught me over the summer and to be honest, i just wouldn't be able to write it all down but he's opened my eyes up to alot. 

my passion for him is slowly growing, it's almost like i'm a firework, i literally cannot wait to burst out into the world and show God's awesome beauty and power to everyone. 

I start a new school tommorow and i'm so nervous it's crazy but after alot of prayer my nerves have been settled and God has shown me a purpose. I've always been the kind of person who doesn't see the point in going to sixth form because i've got to a time in my life where I hate being stuck in the system. It just feels like I could be doing something alot more worthwhile in the world! I'm guessing some of you feel like that? If i could, i'd jump on a plane right now and start helping the world, or i'd start organising mission teams in the community. Sometimes I forget that by going to school i'm a missionary. 

God's been giving me a reality check recently and he's taught me alot about my attitude towards school and in the bible it says that whatever we do on earth should be worked at with all our heart as if we were working for the Lord. This has stirred up within me to work as hard as possible in everything I do at school, obviously that won't last for long but i'm just gonna pray God keeps putting this situation on my heart. 

This blog's called 'be high and lifted up' for a very significant reason. I've been listening to it for about 20 minutes now over and over again, the song almost sends me into a trance so i have to listen to it a few more times to really dwell on the words. 

'be high and lifted up, be high and lifted up jesus, it's you we glorify, it's you we're lifting high, your name be glorified, HALLELUJAH'. 

the words it's you we glorify are extremely powerful words and we can learn alot from them. God's been placing this song on my heart for a while now, everytime i'm doing something and God isn't in the centre of it, he almost nudges me and says 'hey, wait a second' and then plays this song in my head constantly. it sounds hilarious but it's so true. 

In whatever we do, we should be glorifying God. Even if we feel so tired, fed up, useless and have no drive or passion for anything, GLORIFY GOD IN WHATEVER YOU DO. 

i'll talk about this more on my next post/blog/whatever you wanna call it but i'm so tired and i would quite like to not have bags under my eyes for the first day of school, i probably wouldn't make the best impression!

  love me. 

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