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Sunday, 28 August 2011


i thought I'd write a blog about something I've learnt quite recently.
it sounds weird to write about something so simple as listening. we're told quite frequently every day to listen to instructions or we're naturally expected to listen. The reason for writing a blog about it is because it's become a usual topic in my conversations with my parents. 

i believe it's important we listen to what people say and take it in board even though we may feel like it's irrelevant to us. for example, i wish i'd listened to those older than me in education and done my coursework as soon as i'd recieved it, then it wouldn't catch up on me. I wish i'd listened to those who told me to chase my dreams as fast as I could. I wish i'd listened to those who told me that when you eat a chocolate gateau to yourself it usually catches up on you. it sounds funny but it's one big regret LOL. 

so all i'm trying to say is LISTEN. no matter if you feel like the advice is completely irrelevant to you write now, it will come in handy in the future when you endure new challenges as you grow. 

you'll have to get used to my random blogs, it's just a piece of myself that i can't contain and that has to be expressed, whether it's viewed twice or 20 times a day. 

what did I say? LISTEN.

love me

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